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Ultraman Blog

This is a great place for athletes, crew members and volunteers to share stories & ultra-distance info. Check back often for our latest Blog posts and visitor comments!

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15 Responses to “Ultraman Blog”

  • simon smith:

    Hi all , first of all a big thanks to Neil for leting me stay. It was vey kind.

    I had a call from Steve King it is now official Richard is the fattest finisher of ultraman.
    He added “only for one year fat boy” he heard I will be on the start line in 2011.

    I now know what to do at a stop sign , and how far back I need to be drafT legal.

    ONLY IN CANADA!! Oh by the way in Wales they are ARAF signs. Welsh for stop I think.

    In 07 we were awrded a fat guy on a sausage for our trouble.

    This year you all got a trumpet full of wine. my suggestion a tuba full of guiness fell on deaf ears.

    Any how I was not allowed to take said trumpet on the plane. Last I saw steve had three trumpets left all EMPTY!!

    Well done to you all it was great to be just a small part.

    Thank you all so much.

    Simon Smith
    The Fat guy at the back
    UMUK Event Director

  • Ultraman Canada was a journey of a lifetime. It is hard to put in words the excitement, emotion and love that was felt from the second you walked into registration to the Awards Ceremony. I hope my blog entry comes close to giving it justice.

  • Mori LaChappelle:

    Some years you get to experience the thrill of victory while other years you must dig deep to learn from the agony of defeat. We all had a great time at Ultraman Canada once again and made some lifetime friends in the likes of Gonzalo and his wonderful sister Laura, if the good bye tears were energy we could have floated to the finish line, however, this was not to be the year. Gonzalo will sit back and assess what happened and it is with all my hope that he comes back with a vengeance and sleys this dragon once and for all, we will be there for him. I can’t even begin to explain how awful it felt after encouraging him to “Go go go” for 12 hours to have to get out onto the road 4 k’s from the finish line and hold my arms up to stop him and take him off the course.
    On the happier side, Gonzalo was able to do over 2 hours better on day one than last year and the finish line smile on his face that day will stay with me forever. We are all richer for the experience and the true friendship will be with us forever. See you all in 2011, train safely!


    I have been involved with UMC since 2005 when it was resurrected and what a wonderful event and certainly a pleasant departure from Ironman. A race event where you get to know the other competitors & their crews and now my wife Susan & I have Ultra friends all over the world. When one races or helps with the event you become part of the Ultraman family. So as part of the family when I am not doing the event I am the swim captain, gps’ing the course setting the marker buoys, safety boats,etc. I am truly fortunate to be the oldest competitor to ever finish UMC at almost 61. Was on winning relay team in 2009 when my bike partner Brian Schroeder set both relay team bike records. UMC set me up for UMH (Ultraman Hawaii World Championships this past Nov. 2009 in which I became the oldest person in the world in the 25 year history of both races to finish, thus becoming Ultraman World Champion in my age div. at 65. So as Winston Churchill once said Never GIVE UP, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP. Age is just a number to me, although I must admit a big number! It is all in ones head, the mind set is what determines the outcome.

    Special thanks to mentors Steve Brown, Steve King. My fabulous wife Susan who has now crewed 5 Ultraman’s, 2 at UMC & 3 UMH and will be crewing again this year. My crewmates, daughters Marci Andrews & Dr.Hilary Andrews, Scott Tallman & Sandra Kain. A special part of the family Darwin Holt who I suggested to do the race which he did in 2007 and placed 4th then went on to do Hawaii and beat me to it before I was able to compete there, a truly wonderful guy who has added so much to both UMC & UMH. My very best wishes to two others that I suggested do the race this year,Tracey McQuair from Penticton and Paul Dalton from PEI, two wonderful athletes and great additions to the Ultraman family. At UMH race director Jane Brocus, asst.race directors Sheryl & David Cobb, absolutely wonderful people, all part of our ever expanding Ultraman family. For any Ultra endurance triathlete THIS RACE IS A MUST and will most likely be the pinnacle of one’s athletic achievements.

  • Pretty cool site to follow UltraMan Canada Finisher Jason Sissel on his climbs and endeavours for his Endure 2 Cure Foundation for Pediatric cancer awareness. Very worthwhile cause.

  • CJ Ong, Jr.:

    I have had the good fortune to officially finish UltraMan Hawaii in 1997 and 1998, UltraMan Canada in 2005, serve as a massage therapist at UltraMan Hawaii in 1999 and 2009, crew with my wife Clar Baldus for an athlete at the 2006 UltraMan Hawaii and oddly enough consider part of my good fortune to DNF after Day One at UltraMan Hawaii in 2007 and not be able to start after injuring my foot four days prior to the start of UltraMan Hawaii 2009.

    What I have learned over the years is that being part of the UltraMan experience allows one to realize the opportunities to receive from the experience as opposed to simply “getting” from the experience.

    My thanks to Steve and the UltraMan Canada family as well as the UltraMan Hawaii family for allowing me to recieve so much.


  • I took part in Ultraman Canada in 2005 & crewed in 2006.

    I would echo all of the positive comments about Ultraman Canada already posted. It is an amazing event, set in amazing scenery, made even more amazing by those who you share the experience with, from fellow racers, crew, & event officials.

    It is difficult to put into words why it is SO special but it is. So if you have the opportunity to be involved at any level do. You will not be disappointed & you will meet some incredible people.


  • Nick Mallett:

    See you all in July kids.

    Gonna be the biggest comeback since Lazarus.


  • Bob Shanks:

    Ultraman Canada was an experience of a lifetime. I spent 3 days supporting Jason Sissel. I was on both the paddle and the ground crew. The first day Jason somehow lit under himself and made it over Yellow lake to Okanagan Falls in 11 hours 34 minutes. We as crew were very impressed. The second day on the way up to Allison lake Jason once again caught on fire and finished in 11 hour 32 minutes. The final day on 52 mile run (double marathon) Paul Zirlin ran the last 38 miles with the Jason and he just made it with 3 minutes 20 seconds to spare. Paul basically ran 10 feet in front of Jason and pulled him figuratively to the finish line. Once you have completed crewing for 3 days you feel you are part of the greater ultraman family and there is a huge bond built up between you and your other crew members and the athlete. They allowed teams to go into the race this year. They are saying teams will not be allowed to compete next year. I would love to go in as part of a team and do day one.

  • Paddy McGuire:

    I had such a blast at this years event. I loved the +40 degrees heat,I loved the wind on the bike, and I loved the uphills on the double marathon. I especially love the family of people that help me and everyone else along the way (my crew,the Macneil family from Whistler) are a perfect example of the goodness that is in our world! I’m afraid I’ll have to return to kick my own butt and make it under the cutoff time day three.I aspire to meet the challenges at the Hawaii event as soon as possible and wish to extent as much Aloha as I can to others.

  • Simply put, Ultraman has been the most special event I have done. It will force you to redefine your limitations and conquer many major mental and physical challenges along the way. You will walk away from this event with a much greater perspective on life in many ways, and do so with other great people.

    I was pleasantly surprised by how supportive and encouraging fellow athletes, crew teams and race organizers were, and I particularly enjoyed the “family atmosphere” that pervades the event. You do not get that at any other level of triathlon.

    The Ultraman Canada course could not be better. It features pristine scenery from start to finish with practically flawless roads.

    The event is well-operated but the opening and closing ceremonies are a bit too lengthy and I wish there was a bit more time outside of the race to spend getting to know fellow athletes.

    I would recommend Ultraman Canada to anyone who believes they can handle a challege of this magnitude, or who wants to find out if they can! I will do this event again and plan to compete in Hawaii next year.

  • Steve and the Ultraman Team: A truly memorable experience where I have raced with and met some wonderful people. If you do this race you are in for a special one!! Superb from start to finish. Most definately the high point of my sporting career. I WILL BE BACK…………Simon AKA Poo-Bear

  • Harvey Thorleifson:

    An incredibly positive experience; a brilliantly organized race; an amazing group of people; what better way to spend a week

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